You deserve to be pampered with handmade Bath and Body products

I have made things my entire life. My mom joked that there was no way to name my business because I did so many things and they were all so different yet all went together. We came up with D'Doodles my name is Denise and I doodle LOL. D'Doodles has helped me support my 4 children as a single mom and allowed me to be home with them. 

Due to an accident and injuries, I wasn't able to do much for several years. 

Then in March 2016 my daughter walked in and handed me capsules, a bottle of water with something in it  and stuck a sticker to my arm, I said what is it? she said Thrive, have to go to work, will tell you about it later.  I said ok, and sat down at the computer, 30 minutes later, my eyes opened and life all at once was brighter, my headache was gone, it was like I had been living in black and white and it all switched to color. I never would have believed that premium nutrition would change my life. I am able to work full time again, my aches and discomfort are minimal. I am 60 and I feel like I am 40. 

If you would like to learn more about it and do the 8 week experience, go here   it is free to make an account, customer and promoter pay the same price. If you refer 2 friends you get yours free, whether customer or promoter.  

Some feel it the first day, some take up to 2 weeks, but everyone knows when they feel it, timimg all depends on your nutritional gaps that need filled. 

Thank you and have an amazing day